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Who Should Do Bodyweight Exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are for anyone who wants to get fit, build functional muscle strength and not worrying about getting injured while lifting heavy weights.
There are groups of people that bodyweight exercises are a must for. Anyone who is in martial arts, security/policing and of course the military…should be doing bodyweight exercises.
Most martial arts instructors will include a range of bodyweight exercises for their students. In particular those studying a martial art that is grappling or includes grappling will most likely be doing partner bodyweight exercises. Some of these will include firefighter carries and squats, wheelbarrows and medicine ball techniques.
The martial artist should also include a home version of bodyweight exercises and stretching to be able to perform grappling situations, which require functional strength like throws or getting out of being mounted on the floor.
Although the police are well equipped with handcuffs, batons and firepower…most of the situations they find themselves in, require self-defense and the ability to control people. However rather than going through some of the situations cops find themselves in, let’s talk instead about security guards.
Depending on where you live in the world, security guards are either well equipped to handle physical confrontations or severely lacking in such. In countries, such as Canada, it is not unusual to find security guards without handcuffs or even batons.
Security guards, no matter where they live, should be engaging in bodyweight exercise to build functional strength and endurance. When encountering a physical threat, the guard may be on their own or have one partner…not multiples like the police force. Physically controlling an individual for any length of time takes strength and cardio. If a security guard is lacking in those areas, they may quickly lose control of a situation and find themselves in peril.
Bodyweight exercises can be done at home in a small room if necessary. Finding a group of exercises that can be performed…the security guard will be able to strengthen and tone the body. Push-ups, squats and pull-ups in a door frame are just three of the basic bodyweight exercises that can be done.
Bodyweight exercises are great for any individual. Need to lose weight, trim and tone? Start doing bodyweight exercises, eat six small meals a day and drink plenty of water. There is no need for an expensive gym, buying into a weight watching program where you pay cash for food. Everything you need, is in your own home. Doing bodyweight exercise speeds up your metabolism to burn fat. By eating six small meals a day, you are constantly burning fat. Think of your body as a wood burning stove. To keep warm, you need to keep feeding it logs. Eating six small meals, spaced through-out the day, keeps your internal furnace burning and guess what it’s burning. If you said “fat” you are correct and on your way to a healthier, happier you.



Doing Pull-ups For Upper Body Strength and Abs

In doing pull-ups, you only need to find a very sturdy bar to hold onto. It doesn’t have to be a bar that you purchased and installed in your house. The local playground has many types of play equipment that you can use for a pull-up. It’s best to hit that area early in the morning before the kids arrive.
Wearing gloves is optional however for any beam that is wooden or has rough metal finish, definitely wear gloves.

Pull-ups are like push-ups in that changing the position of your hands, works different muscles. At first, pull-ups like headstand push-ups are hard to do. You may not need a partner to give you a lift; however you can certainly use a chair so that your feet are able to quickly touch a solid surface.

Now if you are totally new to pull-ups and feel that your strength is not where it needs to be, start with chin-ups. Do one if that is all you can do and then break and do another one. Don’t get frustrated. Your reward is down the road but you have to put in the work first.

Starting out, do not hang straight down with your toes pointed at the ground. This puts a lot of stress on your shoulder muscles and tendons. Get a bend in your elbows and try to lock your shoulders in. With each pull-up always keep a slight bend in your arms. It’s the same thing with bicep curls, when you allow the weight to go all the way out and your elbow are straight, you are in danger of over flexing your elbow joint and doing damage.

When you are doing pull-ups for strength, do low reps, perhaps 3-6 and then rest. Looking at endurance, you would be doing approximately 18-20 reps. Never do pull-ups until you feel muscle failure. In doing pull-ups, you want to maintain form for best strength and endurance. When you start jerking and bucking in order to try and squeeze out one more rep, you have lost form and are not engaging your muscles properly.

There are a few things you can add into your pull-ups. First of all, if you are really struggling with pull-ups, invest in rubber bands. You can attach the band to the centre of your pull-up bar and then grab a chair. Insert your right knee into the band and then grip the bar and start the pull-up. Keep your knees close together and the band will help pull you up. As your knee is in the band, you have your legs curled so the band stays on.

When you get really good at pull-ups and are able to do them with a variety of hand positions, you may consider adding a weight vest to your workout. This will make your muscles work harder to build strength. As well, your hand grip is something that you will want to work on. You can use special rubber balls or purchase a gripper that you squeeze. Working on the muscles in the forearm is also a good idea. Get one small weight about five pounds and attached a rope that is tied to a small piece of wooden dowling. You hold the doweling so that the weight is touching the floor and then slowly begin to twist/roll the weight up, wrapping the rope around the dowling and then work it the opposite direction. Having a really strong grip and forearms will not only help you with your pull-ups, it is also essential for certain martial arts like judo. When you are able to grab your opponent’s gi in a vise grip, you can maneuver them into better positioning for submissions. There are a lot of benefits to pull-ups; massive strength and endurance are really going to assistance in all your other bodyweight exercises.



postheadericon The Best Bodyweight Exercises

The Best Of The Bodyweight Exercise Routines.

There are many types of bodyweight exercises that a person can do. Each exercise can be modified as competence grows.
The most basic of the bodyweight group is push-ups. Once you are able to do 25-50 push-ups in a row, you can then move on to different types. This helps with building functional body strength and also alleviates boredom. Once you are ready, try this type of push-up. Place your hands on the floor, with the index fingers and the thumbs touching. The space in-between your hands should be a kind of a pear shape. As you lower and raise your body, the chest is centered over the pear shape. Push-ups can be done with the arms extended straight out as if you are standing with your hands over your head. You will really feel the muscles in your shoulders working and your body will only be coming a few inches off the floor, which is quite different than a regular push-up.
Squats are a great bodyweight exercise. After you are able to perform regular squats with ease, you are ready to move on to Hindu squats. With Hindu squats, you are not only going to be working your muscles, you will get a cardio workout as well.
Start with your feet approximately one foot apart. Hold your hands straight out in front and then close your hands as if you are holding oars and going to row a boat. This is the actual motion, you will be doing. As you begin to go down in the squat, rotate your arms, like rowing and raise your heels slowly off the ground. Breathing in, come down and then start to go back up, lowering your heels to the ground, breathing out and continuing the rowing motion with your arms. Start small, at 10 in a row and build up to 50. At 50 Hindu squats you’ll really notice the difference in your legs, glutes and your breathing.
After major advancement in Hindu’s, you can start to amaze your friends with one legged squats. This advanced squat uses so many muscles in from your core, right down through the glutes and legs.
Chin-ups are a great shoulder,chest and arm workout. After being able to complete the basic chin-up, with your hands one foot apart, you can then go to wide grip chin-ups and then to the legendary one handed chin-up.
You need to include hill sprints in the bodyweight exercise group. You should have good shoes and actually if you can, wear army boots. Army boots are built for long distance runs and jogs and give great ankle support. You try slogging through the mud with an eighty pound sack on your back, wearing sport sneakers. It won’t take long before you are down with an injury. It’s best to do hill sprints on earth, rather than grass surfaces, to reduce the amount of slippage. Depending on where you live, you may have to go to the local school park or if you are lucky, on a hiking trail. For advanced hill sprints, wear a small pack with some weights in there, to increase the difficulty. The cardio from this exercise is amazing and you should be using your arms in a pumping motion to increase cardio and balance. The hill sprints will add inches to your leg muscles in no time. One famed kickboxer added two inches of muscles to his legs, just from doing sets of hill sprints.
These are three of the best bodyweight exercises you can do, for all over fitness. Imagine how great you will feel, not having to pay gym memberships, while exercising in the comfort of your own home and in the local park.