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Post Cycle Clomid Body Building

Body building is a sport that endeavors to change the body muscles of the participant into a more visually appealing structure. Oftentimes body builders will seek out medications or drugs that might help them to ‘bulk up’ or increase the muscle mass artificially.

Clomid body building is a medication that is sometimes used for post cycle therapy (PCT).

Clomid is the generic name for Clomiphene citrate which is a synthetic form of estrogen. The FDA approved use for Clomid is to induce ovulation in women who have low fertility.

Most of the steroids commonly used by body builders to bulk their muscles, especially the androgens, cause the body to shut down production of testosterone.

The body receives an abnormal amount of testosterone and it shuts down it’s own production. When a body builder finishes a cycle of androgenic steroids the natural testosterone level will be near zero.

The concern of Clomid body building is that when coming off of the androgen steroids the body will be thrown into a catabolic state because of the lack of it’s own production of testosterone.

This catabolic state will literally use the muscle tissue, that was just gained by use of the anabolic steroids, to burn for nutrition.

The theory behind using Clomid body building is that the medication Clomid will stimulate the hypothalamus to release gonadotrophic hormones.

Through this feedback mechanism the hormones stimulate the testicles to secrete testosterone. This results in an increase of the body’s own testosterone production, raising the blood levels and minimizing the muscle loss.

Others believe that the Clomid will just block the inhibition of estrogen to achieve similar results.

Clomid body building does not stimulate the release of natural testosterone but rather works on reducing the estrogen inhibition caused by the steroid cycle.

Some heavy androgen steroid users advocate the use of a small burst of Clomid mid-cycle of steroids but it can be difficult to say if they see any benefit because of the amount of steroids in use.

Clomid body builders attempt to determine the correct time to begin Clomid use depending upon the type of steroid and the cycle length being used. If the Clomid is taken too quickly then there are no benefits and if taken too late then the catabolic muscle loss would have already begun.

The use of Clomid during the post cycle stage of androgen steroid use is popular among the body building crowd. Clomid has been used successfully and safely in women to promote ovulation.

Although steroid use carries risk, the use of Clomid in the post cycle stage appears to have a lower risk profile and may help to decrease the side effects that happen to body builders when their body’s no longer have necessary testosterone.

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